Here is a sampling of comments received by SIMPLE INNOVATIONS for home & office from satisfied customers and “fans” of the SIMPLE INNOVATIONS Facebook page ...

We're really happy with the kitchen.  We were so glad that you were able to salvage the cabinets, which saved us money and time.  I, especially, appreciate that you were able to get the work done quickly because, as you know, living without a kitchen (or one that's under renovation!) is such a hassle, especially with kids.  We really believe that the updates to the kitchen are what's going to be key in us selling the place.  Now hopefully we can do it quickly and move to our next place ... which I'm sure we'll be having you do work at as well!! 


We are very pleased with the simple and innovated way you have addressed our front entrance issues. Great work!


PowderRm2Tim spent a month in our home working on his own. He listened and understood the end result we wanted.

The results: A new powder room - the exact country look we wanted. Great wood working skills. Refurbished two other bathrooms. All function perfectly. Refurbished a shower wall that we thought was beyond repair. Painted our family room. A man of all trades.
As one person said to Tim: "If Rich & Ann trust you to work on their home for a month while they are away, I'll sure use you"

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