How can SIMPLE INNOVATIONS move your project
 from a dream to a reality?

KitchenDo you have a powder room that needs a new look? Or perhaps a kitchen that desperately needs refreshing? Is your garage storage space out of control or do you  need more floor space in your child’s bedroom? Have you been wanting to address an issue like one of these but keep putting it off because you are convinced the solution is too costly or too involved?

Perhaps I can offer some helpful perspective. Not every project requires an expensive, complicated “do-over” although that is often the first approach we consider. I would like to help you explore some simpler, more innovative solutions.

GarageWhat do you already have to work with? What can we rescue or re-use? Is there wasted space that we can utilize before considering adding on? What part of this project can you do in your spare time? Can we approach your project in stages, distributing the expenses and easing the impact on your budget?

I would be happy to come over and assess your project (free of charge) and brainstorm creative solutions to questions like the ones above. After we’ve talked through a variety of options I can draw up some three dimensional renderings and pull together estimated costs for time and material so that you have a better idea how to proceed.
So take some time to learn more about SIMPLE INNOVATIONS for home & office ... read some of the Testimonials ... check out the Photo Gallery. Then put your project in motion by contacting me. I would love to answer any questions you might have or set up a time to drop by and look over your project. Please feel free to call or text me at 484.919.9286 or e-mail me at tim@simpleinnovations.org.

I am confident that SIMPLE INNOVATIONS can make your dream a reality!

Tim Giessler
SIMPLE INNOVATIONS for home & office
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